About Us

AP9FM is the most popular 24/7 digital online radio station. Ap9fm has been a star right since the time it came into begins it is a global radio station and mass across the world connect to it. It has over 60+ radio jockeys. The station plays toll wood, boll wood and regional specific numbers .local national, international issues and great music find its way through AP9FM to all music lovers. It generates more listeners in the 14-55 age groups. AP9FM has caught on with its listeners with its   unique concepts and creative programs and fresh music .and the reach of AP9FM is wider it is easy to listen through website or through the application in phone and enjoy the music from anywhere.



   This is the largest possible stage you could get as an advertiser.
•    Advertising here will certainly add to your prestige as an advertiser.
•    You reach out to people from every section of the society and country.
•    The channel’s policy of creating a multiple products portfolio for advertisers has synergised a positive growth in advertisers brands

We create radio ads at the most affordable prices and have more than adequate market expertise to organize a succesful radio campaign. We give you ample choices to choose from in every aspect. You can choose between jingles and voice overs, you can choose between 11 ad innovations from back to back RJ mentions to outdoor broadcasting and you can also choose your timeslots. We do everything from media planning to ad placements. Once you join our hands, you’ll have nothing to worry about.